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Portable and requiring little space the Zapak hand held strapping tools provide a reliable seal on your strap without the need for metal seals or buckles. They are ergonomically designed for ease of use and are available either as a light weight electric strapping tool, a cordless battery operated strapping tool right through to a heavy duty pneumatic strapping tool. Each of the tools are for use with plastic or polyester strapping and feature automatic tensioning and high friction sealing in order to provide the best possible seal for the job.


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Zapak 20 Electric Strapping Tool

Electric Zapak Strapping Tool

The Zapak 20 electric powered strapping tool is ideal for offices or small worksites. They are a light weight model that can offer a maximum tension of up to 100Kgs. It works with an automatic friction seal weld on the strap therefore metal seals or buckles are not required. It is adjustable for different strap widths as well as having an adjustable sealing time from between 0 – 8 seconds.

  • Polypropylene Strapping Only
  • Width of Strapping: 10-16mm
  • Thickness of Strapping: 0.55 - 1.00mm

Zapak Battery operated strapping tools Battery Powered Cordless Hand Held Strapping Tool
3-ZP93A & 3-ZP97A

The brand new latest generation battery operated Zapak tool the 93A and 97A are the 3nd generation battery hand strapping tool to feature the brushless motor that delivers higher torque output and saves battery power resulting in increase cycle numbers.
The ZP93A and 97A Battery Powered Hand Strapping Tools - superceding the second generation 96A weighs in at only 3.5kg has been built to endure the heaviest of workloads. To determine this Zapak randomly tested their tools and pushed them to 250,000 cycles (involving tensioning, sealing and cutting in each cycle on smooth PET strapping - 16mm x 1mm) and were proved to be reliable and completely successful without issue. For more specifications please see the brochure below.


  • Polypropylene Strapping or Polyester
  • Width of Strapping: 16-19mm
  • Thickness of Strapping: 0.70 - 1.27mm

Pneumatic powered Zapak Strapping Tool Pneumatic Strapping Tool

The Zapak 28 strapping tool is a pneumatically powered auto friction sealing and auto strap cutting tool which is operated with the use of an air compressor making it the one to use for the heaviest duty jobs - providing up to 350kgs of tension (PET). It includes an air pressure gauge to monitor air supply and as it uses friction sealing no metal seals or buckles are required. The Zapak 28 strapping tool provides adjustable tensioning and sealing to allow for different strap widths. The sealing time is adjustable from 1-6 seconds and as it is made from magnesium alloy it is light weight.

Plastic Machine Strap for strapping Machines Plastic Machine Strap

Can be used with the Electric Strapping Tool, Battery Operated Strapping tools, or Pneumatic Strapping tool - Plastic (polypropylene) machine strap comes in either white or blue the most common size being 12mm x 3000m and has a breaking strain of 100kg – 120kg. It is available in automatic grade to suit all strapping machines and has very small variations in width and curvature so that it travels through the semi and automatic strapping machines smoothly. We can custom print and or colour the machine strap to suit your requirements.

Code Description
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3-PSA12-B Premium Machine Strap - Blue - 12mm x 3000m
3-PSA12-C Premium Machine Strap - Clear/White - 12mm x 3000m
Polyester Strapping can be used in both manual and battery operated hand tools

Polyester Strap

Can be used with Battery Operated Stapping Tool or Pneumatic Strapping Tool, Polyester Strapping can replace steel strapping in most applications. It not only costs less than steel strapping but it can also be safer and easier to use. Polyester strapping has no sharp edges, doesn't rust or stain packs or pallets and is UV resistant. It is available in various thicknesses and comes either embossed or smooth.

Code Description
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3-PS12050-E 12mm x 0.50mm x 2500m - 230Kg B/S Polyester Strap - Embossed
3-PS15100-S 15.5mm x 1.0mm x 1150m - 690Kg B/S Polyester Strap - Smooth
3-PS15070-E 15mm x 0.70mm x 1750m - 400Kg B/S Polyester Strap - Embossed
3-PS15088-S 15mm x 0.88mm x 1120m - 620Kg B/S Polyester Strap - Smooth
3-PS15090-E 15mm x 0.90mm x 1350m - 500Kg B/S Polyester Strap - Embossed
3-PS19100-S 19mm x 1.0mm x 950m - 850Kg B/S Polyester Strap - Smooth
dispenser for polyester strapping Polyester Strapping Dispenser

Ideal for Polyester Strapping, this Strapping Dispenser has a 406mm diameter core. It features wheels and a storage tray that can fit your seals and strapping tools and is also the ideal size to hold your Zapak Battery Operated Strapping Tool.

Code Description
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3-PSD Dispenser for Polyester (PET) Strapping


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